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Alpaka Magnetic Anti-Theft Travel Belt


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Vendor: Alpaka Categories: Apparel and Accessories


Anti-theft belt

The Stealth Belt is an anti-theft belt that looks and functions like a normal belt but is equipped with cleverly hidden compartments that allow you to completely conceal your cash or keys. It's also adjustable (one size fits all from 24" to 38") and easy to use.


Magnetic Buckle

Simply lift the pull tab and boom, it's unbuckled. Since the buckle is magnetic, it's just as easy to buckle it back up.


Washable strap

The Fidlock buckle is constructed from nylon 66, fibreglass and rustproof stainless steel.


Super strong

The elastic strap can support up to 100kg. It reinforced with tenara thread.

SIM Tray Pin

The Stealth Belt comes with a SIM Tray Pin Pull Tab so you never have to deal with this problem again. You can also store a SIM card inside the pull tab.


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