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Nomad® Leather Strap


options: 42/44mm

  • 42/44mm
  • 38/40mm

Color: modern-strap-black-black-hardware

  • modern-strap-black-black-hardware
  • modern-strap-black-sliver-hardware
  • modern-strap-rustic-brown-black-hardware
  • modern-strap-rustic-brown-sliver-hardware
  • shell-cordovan-strap-black-black-hardware
  • shell-cordovan-strap-black-sliver-hardware
  • traditional-strap-black-black-hardware
  • traditional-strap-black-sliver-hardware
  • traditional-strap-rustic-brown-black-hardware
  • traditional-strap-rustic-brown-sliver-hardware
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Modern Design

Made with Horween Leather’s legendary Shell Cordovan, the finish is hand-glazed, creating a rich and glossy look. In either the modern or traditional style, the leather looks and feels exceptional. It is soft, but has enough strength that it won’t too easily get stretched or marred. Of course, those things will happen, but not as easily as one more overly soft.

Unique Character

Each Limited Edition strap contains a unique look on the inside of the band. The natural, raw finish of Shell Cordovan produces a variety of dark greens intermixed with original stamp marks from Horween’s tannery, ensuring that your Apple Watch stands out from the rest.

Stainless Steel Buckle and Lugs

Each strap is fitted with the custom designed, metal injection molded (MIM) buckle and lugs. High tolerance fit and sharp details are created with this industry leading marine grade 316 stainless steel. Choose between silver or black hardware for your strap.

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42/44mm, 38/40mm


Modern-strap-black-black-hardware, Modern-strap-black-sliver-hardware, Modern-strap-rustic-brown-black-hardware, Modern-strap-rustic-brown-sliver-hardware, Shell-cordovan-strap-black-black-hardware, Shell-cordovan-strap-black-sliver-hardware, Traditional-strap-black-black-hardware, Traditional-strap-black-sliver-hardware, Traditional-strap-rustic-brown-black-hardware, Traditional-strap-rustic-brown-sliver-hardware

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