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BITPLAY Premium HD Wide Angle Lens


Options: Premium HD Wide Angle Lens

  • Premium HD Wide Angle Lens
  • HD Wide Angle Lens + Allclip Set
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Wider View

The Premium HD Wide Angle lens allows your iPhone to nearly double its field of view. Photos and videos gain a crisp color rendering without distortion. The Premium HD Wide Angle lens is a flagship piece, dedicated to elevating iPhone photography to another level.


Using a similar design to professional DSLR lenses, bitplay has created an aspheric lens with multiple AR coatings, six elements, and six group structures. This lenses arrangement significantly so that it reduced light reflections and creates crisp images.


The HD Wide Angle lens allows iPhone photos and video to double in width. Broader view means fitting twice as many people into a group shot, when using with iPhone Panorama mode, your capture radius will increase from 180 to a full 360 degree shot.


The bitplay M52 adapter lets you attach a standard 52mm filter to both of Premium HD Wide Angle and Telephoto lens. Using bitplay M52 CPL Filter let you filtered out unwanted glares on glass, or refection on water surface. The CPL also allows you to capture the blue skies or the scenery with better color rendering.


The structure of CPL filter blocks the lights from vertical direction and only allows the horizontal lights to go through. The lighting can be adjusted by rotating the filter lens in order to avoid glares on glass, window or water surfaces. It is also best to use when capturing blue skies and white clouds by filter out the unwanted lighting.

Explore Professional Mobile Photography

Your phone’s screen is not blocked by bitplay’s AllClip when used in conjunction with your smartphone’s camera. This means anyone can manually focus their shot on the fly, adjustment the image proportion, and operate multiple applications mid-shot. The AllClip offers clarity, and precision to each photo, effortlessly breeding results, and bringing the best mobile photography experience to the user.

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Premium hd wide angle lens, Hd wide angle lens + allclip set, M52 cpl filter

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