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Multi Connection

Scanmarker Air is the pen scanner that allows you to instantly highlight the text you need, straight to your Windows or Mac computer, Android Smartphone, Tablet, iPad or iPhone. The scanner uses Bluetooth or USB to connect.


Scanmarker recognizes the need for speed, and that means your text is instantly transferred to a mobile app or computer. In a matter of seconds,it is then ready for you to analyze, edit and share.

Waterproof Protection

Compatible & Universal

With Scanmarker, you can transfer text from anywhere. Scan a book to a Microsoft Word document and from a mobile to an email service such as Gmail and alike.

Reading pen

Read aloud capability lets listen to the text as it is scanned. The integrated text-to-speech function lets you hear the text being read back to you while it’s being scanned into your computer. Scanmarker has also proven helpful for the visually impaired, as well as those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.


Scanmarker’s translation feature enables translation into over 40 different languages while scanning. Whether you need help translating textbooks or learning a foreign language, Scanmarker is a good helper.

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