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Kcomb Pet Comb


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Attract Shedding Hair

Kcomb collects animal hair and helps to fix hairs, at the same time also do great for removing dirt from hair. Long-term use can reduce hair knotting, keep skin fresh, promote oil secretion, and speed up metabolism. Combing daily helps to prevent matting and hairball formation.

Attract Daily Dander And Dusty

The powerful adsorption capacity of Kcomb not only collects shedding hair, but also absorbs dander on the skin and dusty between hair, which greatly reducing the incidence of pet skin diseases.

Accelerate Blood Circulation

The unique adsorption head design of Kcomb also helps pets massage their body while absorbing debris. This can also speed up the blood circulation of animals and make them more energetic. While grooming for pets, it also improves relationship between human and pets.

Professional Filter Cotton

Professional filter cotton filters the inhaling air filled with dander and parasites, which is convenient for cleaning and keeping the cleanness of comb. The filter cotton adopts special snap-fit design for easy replacement.

Wireless Charging Base

Wireless charging technology can be charged anytime, anywhere. The indicator light breathes while charging, likely the indicator light is always on when it is full charge. It can last for 3 hours with a full charge. Combing hair of your love pets and cleanse their skin whenever and wherever you want.

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Blue, Pink

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