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Thanko Portable Air Cooler


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Easy to carry

As there is the handle with a compact so that you can hold it have with one hand easily. It is the portable air-conditioner which is suitable for child.


A chill cools the body effectively

The size of the kettle is easy to carry. You can put into the ice or cold pack to create air-conditioning. As it has been sent air, air cooled with the ice cools a body effectively! Put it on the neck cause and a head, the arm and use it.

Three sections of wind

You can regulate wind power with three phases whenever you push the power switch. Get over hot summer by setting of the oneself preference! The exclusive tube attached to the blowport is attached. As you grow to up to approximately 65cm, it is usable more usefully.


Cold or hot, up to you

Cold air releases it if you put ice and the ice pack which let you freeze in the bottle. On the contrary, it is usable in winter as warm air is released if you put warm Cairo.

Freedom in battery-type one

In addition, the carrying around is freedom in battery-type one, too! It supports various situation. Can be reused many times, environmentally friendly and practical. 10 hours working hours, long-term air conditioning. 


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